Worship is important in individual or church life or in theological college; it is a part and parcel of Christian life in general and of theological community in particular. A nation, Family or theological college which ignores or does not regard worship will not stand or flourish. Therefore, emphasis is given to worship and to impart and inculcate true worship among the students, faculty and staff. Worship is the primary resource for spiritual and ministerial formation. It is an important tool and equipment for Christians so that they may grow towards maturity and be equipped to face the evil forces of the day.

In order to bring about spiritual information, growth and maturity in relationship with God. One should worship regularly for humans are created, saved and sent to worship God, CBS worship must be carried out regularly, it must be done with sincerity and truth. Hence worship is regulated on regular timings as mentioned below to enhance spiritual development in balance with academic exercise and ministerial experiences.

  1. Worship Schedule

Worship services are as scheduled below:

Morning Devotion (Monday – Friday)                                         7:00a m.

Evening Vesper for students (Monday- Friday)                         6:00 a.m.

Singspiration & fasting prayer Fridays                                         6.00 p.m.

Sunday Morning Worship                                                               10.00 a.m.

Bengali Worship                                                                                 2.00 p.m.

Sunday Community Worship                                                           5.00 p.m.

Sunday Morning worship service is meant for all members. But it will be set aside for senior students to do practice leading worship and preaching. It will also be used for inviting quest preachers from outside. It is compulsory for all students who do not go out for outreach ministry to attend the Worship.

Sunday Evening Worship is meant for Community Worship Service in which Faculty members will be taking the role of leading and preaching, and staff and students will participate in other items. Hence it is required for all members Faculty, Staff, their spouses and childre3n to attend Community Service.

A chain of prayer is conducted once in a semester where faculty members and students come together for thanksgiving, sharing, encouraging and prayer.

Punctuality must be maintained in all Worship Services.

  1. Worship rules:

In order to have smooth running of worship life. Worship Committee will be formed every year and members will be elected form each class-one man one woman (if any) Worship-in-charge or Chaplin will be appointed to look after the affairs of worship.

2.1. The function of worship committee is to prepare programs of Sunday Morning Worship and Friday Evening Singspiration and fasting prayer. The Chaplin will arrange Morning Devotions. Sunday Evening Worship and other special programs. Worship Secretary will be responsible for arranging Weekly Stewards, Vespers leaders and song leaders.

2.2. Matters pertaining to religious activities and other necessities are to be discussed in the Worship Committee. Certain matters which require Faculty approval should be brought to the Faculty Council. Any other important matters related to administration shall be referred to the Principal.

2.3. Since worship is an essential element in theological colleges all students are required to attend all spiritual activities, worship services, devotional meetings, etc.

No student is allowed to absent himself/herself from worship. If any student has problems or sickness and is unable to attend worship. Permissions should be taken from respective Hostel Wardens or chaplain who should inform Principal. If any laxity is found with any student with regard to attending worship or any devotional activities appropriate action will be taken.

2.4. A guest Speaker from outside will be invited to preach on Sunday Morning /Evening Worship from time to time. This will enhance connection and relationship with other colleges and churches.

Any one from outside desiring to worship with CBS community is cordially welcomed.