Practical ministry is compulsory for all students as ministerial requirement. It is also compulsory requirement from the Senate of Serampore College as well as Asia Theological Association. Every year Field Education, at carries 100 marks equivalent to one subject under Senate of Serampore College. Different sets of time for practical ministry are.

  1. Weekend Ministry on Saturday and Sunday holiday morning,
  2. Field education during holiday immediately following Valedictory service.
  3. During summer holiday in their respective places, Pastors and Church secretaries are responsible for their ministry.
  4. Field Education during Semester breaks in October/November.

With regard to Practical Ministry one should note the following:

  1. The Dean of Practical Ministry will arrange Practical Ministry in all sessions.
  2. Students must keep their Dairy for Practical report and they must write their own reports.
  3. Practical work during summer holiday summer holiday shall be arranged with the Pastor/Local church Secretary and the student should work under their supervision.
  4. A certifying letter of the practical ministry should be provided by the Pastor to the Principal through the Dean of Practical Ministry when students return in June.
  5. BD II students must write verbatim reports of the counseling during the semester break practical ministry and submit to the Dean.
  6. Every students must fill the practical Work forms provided and submit it to the Dean.