1. Student Welfare Committee (SWC): There shall be student Welfare Committee (SWC). The Committee will take care of the welfare of the student community and shall mediate between students and the college authority/faculty Council.

1.1 The Principal will act as the Chairperson of the SWC.

1.2 The faculty council shall appoint the Secretary, and Assistant secretary and Treasurer of the SWC.

1.3 The Committee will consist of the office bearers, Hostel wardens and hostel

Secretaries, Worship Secretaries and Game and Sports Secretaries.

1.4 The SWC shall be one of the functionaries of the administration, and shall act responsibly in all matters pertaining to the welfare of students in true with the vision and mission of CBS.

  1. Use of Mobile phones and Other electronic gadgets.

No students allowed bringing his/her mobile phones (I phones, IPods’, etc) in the classrooms, Chapel or Library. They should not be used during office hours. If anyone is seen using it in the odd hours or place, it will be confiscated. It should not be used in the Office or in front of the teachers.

  1. Use of Personal Computers/Laptops

Student who keeps personal computers and laptops should use it responsibility for academic purpose. Misuse of personal computers like watching pornographic picture, etc is strictly prohibited. If a student is found doing so, server disciplinary action will be taken.

  1. Games and Sports:

Theological study requires balanced life hence Game and Sports is one of the important activates at CBS.The time for playing is 4.30 p.m. every day. The college observes Annual Sports in the month January in which every member of the community is encouraged to take part. The Faculty in charge and the Secretary of Games and Sports are responsible to make arrangement for different Games and annual sports programs. All students must take part in one way or another.

  1. Having tattoo in any part of the body is not acceptable for theological students hence it is discouraged, anyone having tattoo in his/her body will disqualify him/herself.