1. All students in the Hostel (men and women) must eat in the common Dining Hall.
  2. Kitchen materials should not be taken out of the Kitchen.
  3. Every student must come to the Dining Hall with decent dress and keep proper table manners. No food should be taken outside the dining hall except food for the sick.
  4. There shall be Mess Committee which will consist of the two Hostel wardens. Mess Advisor, and two sectaries and the Secretary of the Student Welfare Committee. The committee will supervise the management of the hostel mess.
  5. Server shall be appointed by the Mess Committee. They shall go to the Dining Hall to prepare and get the table ready on time.
  6. No student is allowed to enter the kitchen for cooking special dish, eating, or any other purpose. No outsider is allowed to enter the kitchen.
  7. The use of mess properties, foodstuff, and private cooking is strictly prohibited. For medical reasons, a separate dish may be prepared for any student having health problem with the knowledge of the hostel wardens and/or mess advisor.
  8. Everyone should eat in the Dining Hall. No food and properties of the kitchen should be taken out of the Dining Hall except for the sick member.
  9. Food is the gift from God, therefore, everyone should have a heart of gratitude and respect for God’s providence. Food should not be wasted nor be thrown thoughtlessly.
  10. Student should mingle with friends from other groups, while eating in the dining hall. Sitting together of one’s own tribal/cultural groups is strongly discouraged.
  11. Student are advice to maintain table manners and decency in the dining hall.
  12. Timing of Meal:

Breakfast          :  8.00 a.m.

Lunch               :  1.30 p.m.

Dinner              :  7.00 p.m.

  1. Meal Time Prayer: As it is practiced in all theological colleges, students should maintain Meal prayer together either in verbal form or singing Doxology when gathering together for meals –breakfast, lunch or dinner. Hostel Secretary and secretary of the student’s welfare Committee will be responsible for this. To this end, punctually must be maintained.