Library rules are meant for the welfare of the students. Hence students and members of the community are required to follow the Library Rules carefully.

  1. Study hours in the Library

Library Hours is as follows:

Morning: 09:00am. – 01:00 p.m. Afternoon: 02:00p.m – 04:30 p.m.

Evening: 08:00p.m. -10:00 p.m. Saturdays: 09:00 p.m. – 12:00 p.m.

All students are required to study full two hours in the Library at night. Librarian will attend Library at night for sometimes, Faculty in charge for library will visit library from time to time.

  1. Study Librarians

Three student’s librarians will be appointed to help students at night and whenever the need arises. They will open and close the library at night. They will take attendance and give out TPR books. They will also be helping on Saturdays. Every student should co-operate with them.

Student’s librarians must check students’ book or files at the time leaving the library.

  1. Borrowing Books from General Stacks.
    • Three borrower’s tickets will be issued to every student by which he/she can borrow three books at a time for one week.
    • Student can check out books from the stacks from 2.30 p.m. – 4.15 p.m
    • The due date for the return of the book is tamped on the due date slip. If a student does not return books on the due date, he/she will pay a fine of Rs. 5/- per day. If he/she keeps continuously on week, apart from paying fine, he/she will not be allowed to borrow books from term.
    • Books can be checked out for a period of 7 days. The checked our books can be renewed for another 7 days after which the same books can be renewed by the borrower. Books can be recalled whenever needed.
    • Borrowing or taking books outside the campus is not allowed.
    • No unclassified books from the New Arrival Shelf shall be used by any one.
    • The orderly arrangements of the books in the stacks should not be disturbed.
    • Books from TRP can be checked out only at night after library hours and should be returned the next day between 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 a.m. books borrowed on Saturday should be returned on Monday at the same time. Failure to submit on the scheduled time will result in the fine of Rs. 5/- per hour.
    • Books from the Reference (RR) cannot be checked out at any time, they should be used only inside the library.
    • Student should make the right entry when checking in and out.
    • Students should show the books which they take out from the library to the library staff or student librarians at night when leaving the library.
    • No Magazines, Journals, or Periodicals are allowed to be checked out at any time. They should kept in their respective places after reading.
    • Journals and Magazines cannot be checked out. They are to be used in the library only and should be placed after use.
    • Marking or making lines on the books with pen/pencil and mutilating the materials is strictly prohibited. If anyone is found committing such thing disciplinary action will be taken.
    • Photocopying of thick books like Dictionary, Commentary of any kind or Thesis is not allowed.
    • The maximum number books a students can check out at a time is as follows:

                     B.D. and M.Div. –          4 Books

                     B.Th. –                            3 Books

                     Thesis writers –               8 Books

  • If books checked out from the stacks are not returned/renewed on the due date of submission, fine would be collected from the borrowing at the rate of Rs. 5/- per day up to 7 days. Failure to return the overdue books within 7 days will lead to a fine of Rs. 10/- per book per day.
  1. Long term Borrowing

Only faculty members are entitled to borrow books on long term basis. However books borrowed on long term may be recalled at any time when others need them.

  1. Library Etiquette
    • Silence should be maintained in the Library.
    • No teacher /lecture/discussion should be done in the library.
    • One should come to the library with proper/decent dress. Casual dress, track or baggy pants and T-shirt without collar, slipper are strictly prohibited in the library.
    • No edible things should be taken in, eating is not allowed in the library.
    • No cell phones should be brought in the library.
    • Books should be kept on the reading table after use, they should not kept back in the shelf. Librarian will be rearranged.
    • Use of Laptops inside the library not allowed only for the academic purpose – for typing assignments. Any other use such as internet browsing, watching movies, viewing photos, listening music, Facebook etc. is not allowed.
    • Use of electronic gadgets (such as mobiles, headphones etc.) are strictly prohibited inside the library. In case of such use, the user will be subjected to strict disciplinary action.
    • Library staff or any other workers on duty are authorized to check or examine any book, file or other materials of the students or readers at any time including when coming in or going out.
    • Any library matters, complaints, etc should be addressed to the faculty Library-in-charge.
    • Any matter relating to administration, ordering new books etc, should be referred to the principal through the faculty-in charge.
    • Students should leave his or her baggage at the entrance of the library.
    • Boys and girls are to sit only in the allotted respective seats.

6.Use of library by outsiders

  • No visitors or outsiders should be entertained in the library. Is a visitor wants to see the library, prior permission must be obtained from the principal.
  • If an unknown person other than theological student wishes to use the library, he/she may obtain permission from the Principal. He/she has to pay Library fee of Rs. 100/- for full day and Rs. 50/- for half day.
  • Is a student from other theological college wants to use the Library, he/she must obtain prior permission from the Principal and show his/her Identity card.

Important Note: Books are important resources for theological student, without which there can be no good theological college nor could there be good theological students academically. They have to be used with respect, care and concern. It is very difficult to obtain Books and they are very costly as well. Many Books are out of print and special care should be given to old books as they are easily torn. They are important treasures of theological college that has to be handed down through generations. Hence everyone must follow all the Library Rules strictly, they should be very careful in using and handling the books. Books should not be stolen.