In order to realize and live and out vision and mission of Calcutta Bible Seminary, Rules and Regulations are laid down so that students will live out of the standard of the call of God and expectation and aspiration of ECI in general and the CBS in particular. The Rules and Regulations are as follows:

  1. Conduct:

1.1. Students should be conscious of (1) the vision and mission of the college (2) the purpose and goal of their theological studies and training. They should be guided by that vision and purpose when they undertake their theological training.

1.2. It is therefore, necessary that students of CBS conduct loyal themselves in such a way that Jesus Christ is honored in their life and activates Students are expected to exercise courtesy and maintain proper etiquette toward their teachers, staff and fellow students as well as members from outside the CBS Community.

1.3. Students enrolled at CBS should conduct themselves as citizens of the state and the nation. Any anti-national activity will not be tolerated and if any such one is found, disciplinary action will be taken against the person.

1.4. The Primary purpose of CBS is to train and prepare effective Christian ministers and missionaries. Therefore, obedience and submission to the authority is expected from every student. If any students show an attitude inconsistent with the requirement of his/her calling, and if any laxity is found in regard in to obedience to the authority and to the rules and regulations, he/she will not be permitted to remain in the college.

  1. Smoking, Drinking liquor, Using tobacco, Abusing drugs, etc.

Smoking, Drinking. Using tobacco of any form (zarda, gutkha, sadah, raja, etc.) is strictly prohibited for CBS students in the campus and anywhere else. Since students come to train and to equip themselves for God’s holy ministry, they are not to contaminate themselves by using all these stuff. Committed Christians are required to maintain holiness, moral and ethical purity by keeping personal discipline and self-control in all aspects of their personal life. They should become examples for others in the practice of Christian holiness and purity. If a student is found or reported to be smoking, drinking liquor or using drugs, he/she will be dismissed from the college.

  1. Married students/marriage

3.1. As separate family quarters cannot be provided, married students will have to stay in the hostel building. They are expected to adjust themselves in the place provided. They shall be equally bound by the rules that affect single students and they shall not be treated any differently.

3.2.Since theological studies require hard work and deep concentration, single students should be free from anything that can distract and prevent them from such hard work and concentration as such students are not allowed to get married during their studies.

  1. Formal Dress and Hair keeping

4.1 Maintaining Formal Dress: What a person wears depicts his/her disposition and attitude. Discipline in personal dress cannot be separated from academic or spiritual discipline. Since theological training is a discipline in itself, it is important to keep up discipline in all spheres of life. Theological students are trained for God’s holy and sacred ministry; hence, they are required to maintain personal integrity in their dress.

  • They should use formal dress in the class, Library, Chapel, Dining hall and Offices.
  • Slippers are not allowed in all these places.
  • T-shirts without collars are not permitted.
  • Women should not use skin tight trousers/leggings without wearing long kurta to cover up to the knee or they should wear salwar kamis, knee level or longer skirts or pants, dress that are acceptable, in the campus and places of ministry.
  • Everyone should use formal dress as way of life within and outside the campus thereby showing personal discipline and integrity.

4.2Hair Keeping: Students of CBS are required to keep integrity not only in dress, but also in hair keeping. They should have hairs cut in a normal way. Growing hairs long / thick or shaving hairs except for medical reason is not the college.

  1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is of utmost important in personal life, family quarters, in hostels and in the campus.

5.1Campus should always be kept clean

5.2 No one should throw papers, sweet covers, or any other unwanted things in the bin.

5.3 Papers or any litters found in the campus must be pick up and thrown to bin.

5.4 Dustbins should be used for all litters and waste papers, Big ones should be directly thrown in the cement structure/pit made for garbage

5.5 Each Hostel room must be kept clean and tidy.

5.6 Hostel corridors and steps must be kept clean.

5.7 Hostel and Toilets (Wash room) must be always kept clean.

5.8 Hostel Secretaries and Secretary of SWC should check regularly, and must arrange student cleaners in each floor and rotate them. Everyone should be made responsible for hostel cleanliness.

5.9 Keeping domestic pets-puppies, dogs and cats is strictly prohibited in the campus. It gives an ugly look for the campus, they produce unwanted excretions in hostels and grounds, making the hostels, and campus dirty, and they could be endangering life as well through their accidental biting.

5.10 All class rooms must be kept clean and all the toilets (wash rooms) in the main building should always be kept clean. Whoever uses it should see that they pour sufficient waters after each use.

  1. Social work

Social work is an important feature of every theological college. Students play an important role in developing the college and in the cleanliness of the hostel, the campus and its surrounding as whole. It is an important physical exercise. Hence CBS students also do social work regularly which keeps the campus more beautiful and clean. This must be continued.

  1. Care of College Property

7.1. Students are responsible for properties-chairs, beds, tables, etc. in hostel, dining room, class rooms and all places. No Students should deface the college properties by marking or writing.

Everyone should have ownership responsibility towards college Properties.

7.2. No one should take out Chapel properties – Chairs, Tables, Microphones, PA system or projector, Computer Screens, Fans, flowers or flowers stand and others. If needed permission must be taken from the Principal.