Students come to theological college not to enjoy life or indulge but to learn seriously and to engage themselves in academic exercise to develop their intellectual ability, Hence, it is very important that students give seriousness and sincerity to their studies. They must give importance to their academic and intellectual development. They should cultivate the habit of sitting alone, reading and concentration so as to develop their reasoning faculty, until they are able to think for themselves and understand what is read, learnt and imparted. Hence rules are imposed on every student concerning their studies

  1. Class Attendance

1.1. Students are required to attend all classes; one should non absent himself/herself from classes without permission from the Warden and from the class teachers concerned. He/she will pay a fine of Rs. 100/- to the office if anyone is absent without prior permission.

1.2. If a student is unable to attend classes due to sickness or any other problems, he/she should write an application to the Hostel Warden. The leave letter must be kept in class so that all teachers will see and grant sick leave.

1.3. Student who is absent more than five times in one subject in a semester shall not be allowed to write the respective subject examinations.

1.4. Students must be alert, sincere and active in the class. He/she should not sleep/doze off in the class. Late sleeping is generally the reason, hence once should keep timing for sleeping. Student must show his/her interest in his studies. Anyone who does not keep alertness or show interest or sleep in the class may be sent out by the teacher concerned.

1.5. Student must be punctual in going to class. He/she should not come late but must always arrive before the arrival of the teacher.

1.6. Etiquette must be maintained in the class in words and action. Teacher must be greeted in every class.

  1. Office hours: 9.00 a m- 12.00 noon

2.00 p m-   4.30 p.m.

It advised that student meet the principal and the Academic Dean in the afternoon as far as possible. This is because they also have classes in the morning and they have to attended urgent works in the Office in the morning.

  1. Payment of Fees.

Fees may be paid all at once or in two or three installments. For those who want to pay in three installments the following is to be followed:

Rs.25.000 – First installment, at the time of admission & registration in June: Rs 18.000- Second installment, when the second semester begins in October, Balance amount the month of January.

Fine for Late Payment of Fees: From March there will be a late fee of Rs 100/- per day. One, who does not pay the fees till March 20, will not be allowed to write examination.

Fees may be revised according to the need of the situation.

Other dues: Every student is required to pay all fees and other dues Library, Book shops, Xerox & Print, etc.before examination. One who does not clear dues will not be allowed to write examinations.

  1. Using Unfair Means/ Plagiarism:

4.1. Honestly is a compulsory requirement in every aspect of life especially in academic life.

4.2. Faithfulness, trustworthiness and honesty must be observed.

4.3. Any student who is found or caught using unfair means ( e.g. copping from friends or from any other source ) in the examination hall, will be declared as fail in that paper.

4.4. If He /she keep repeating, he shall be dismissed from the college.

4.5. In line with regulation of the Senate, if a student wants to continue after a place of one year, he/she will have to write an application to the Principal, the Faculty will decide for his/her re-registration.

4.6. Plagiarism – (copping, illegal use of others works) in writing assignments and any paper work is strictly prohibited “Independent research and writing play a vital part in the in the course requirements, examinations, thesis and projects”

(Ref. senate syllabus p. 18).

4.7. Student should learn how to use others’ materials as resources honestly. Using three lines or more without quotation mark or acknowledgement in footnote is regarded as plagiarism. He/she should learn to develop independent thinking in writing assignment.

  1. Arrival from Holidays

All students should return to college on the day fixed by the authority after each holiday break. Any student who does not arrive on the date of arrival shall be fined Rs.500/- and Rs. 100/- per every additional day absence. Every student should report to the respective Hostel Wardens on arrival and must write his/ her name in the arrival Register. No one should take leave of absence for late arrival for the sake of weeding /marriage. Everyone should know that students have no leave except for unavoidable circumstances such as serious sickness and death.