The Calcutta Bible Seminary was established for the purpose of mission, evangelism and church planting with a goal of extending God’s reign. Hence, students who have committed themselves to undergo theological studies at CBS for training and equipping for God’s mission and ministry should be cons-cious of committed to the purpose and goal of the college, they are expected to live up to the standard of the gospel of Christ and their calling. Rules and regulations are directives to show the way to live up to the standard of God’s calling. They are meant to help student’s persons to maintain discipline and self-control, as such they are essential ingredients for meaningful living, for healthy relationship as well as for successful life and ministry. Wisdom writer says, like a city breached, without walls is a person without self-control (Prov. 25:28). The Rules and Regulations are like walls that protect Christians in general and theological students in particular from being defeated by evil forces from within and without. Theological students should be undergirded by rules and regulations of self-discipline and self-control to be successful in studies and ministry. Rules are framed for the purpose of realizing the Vision and mission of the college so as to enable students to live up to the standard of the purpose for which they are trained.